Atlanta's #1 Sweet Potato Pie.

Our sweet potato pies are ALWAYS FRESH & NEVER FROZEN

made from fresh Mississippi sweet potatoes.

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Pies are available for local Stone Mountain, Ga pickup only.

64oz Tub of Pie Filling

Unfortunately we do not ship pies but we do ship THE PIE FILLING. You get a 64oz (1/2 gal) tub that makes 2-3 pies for only $22 + shipping & handling (based on location). Just bake for about an hour and 15 min or until brown at 350-375 degrees and you can experience the sweet potato pie that Atlanta is RAVING about! Available in the our original sweet potato pie AND with pecan, peaches, pineapples, or walnut.  

When you really love them, get them The Baker’s Oven Sweet Potato Pies!!

$1.4 Million Views?! What?!



The Original

Sweet Potato Pie


Dozen 3″

Sweet Potato Pies


Half Dozen 3″

Sweet Potato Pies


64oz Tub of the Original

Sweet Potato Pie Filling


64oz Tub of Sweet Potato Pie Filling with Pecan, Peaches, Pineapples, or Walnut 


Pecan, Peaches,Pineapples, or Walnut Topped Sweet Potato Pie


What People are Saying

Absolutely the best pie I have ever tasted.

It was like heaven in my mouth. A celebratory dance on my tongue that ventured further into the inner workings of my digestive system leaving a trail of pure satisfaction in its wake. 5 stars are simply not enough. Perhaps a galaxy full would come close. I anxiously await the time that I’ll be allowed to enjoy this delicacy once more!

Sherri E. McCoy 

ALWAYS that same wonderful taste

No matter how many times I order these pies, they never change. The taste is ALWAYS that same wonderful taste that you still remember as a child when your Granmomma made em. And no matter how many times I order them, I know that sweet potatoes are good for you! Thank you Kevin for allowing my waist line to love you!

Kianna BoOm Dorsey 

Awesome product and great customer service!

I have to give you some props! Facebook do not go to Walmart….I repeat DO NOT GO TO Walmart…I have had the best sweet potato pie ever! I know my grandma could throwdown and I miss her dearly. But Kevin Baker this pie is absolutely the best since I lost my grandma in the early 80’s! Thank you again for an awesome product and great customer service!

Celeta Overton 

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